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Greetings Friends And Prog Heads

Well, it´s time again for yet another GALLEON release!

And again we apologize for not updating our site as frequently as we should..

The new cd, called "In the Wake of the Moon", will be released the 26 of november, by our new label: Aerodynamic Records.

This time we will also launch two videos on YouTube:1. Stages | 2. In the Wake of the Moon.
It´s two tracks from the new album containing footage of old gigs,
studio sessions and other stuff, never shown before.

In the wake of the moon






Greetings Friends And Prog Heads

Time flies, and the next thing we know, we’re releasing a new album once again.
We do apologize for not updating our site as frequently as we should, but we are after all in the Galleon timezone, where time seems to vanish in the distance, as fast as your average paycheck…

These things aside, we do have a new album in the pipeline, coming up early in November. And we promise you the most driven album yet heard of from the Galleon camp.

We promised you that it wouldn’t be a concept album this time, but hey – what are promises for, if not to be broken from time to time? And sometimes it’s for the better.

As the finishing touch of the album is coming to a close, we are starting rehearsals for a potential tour early next year. Perhaps we’re coming by to pay you a visit at a place near you. Stay tuned!

And here it is... And it will be released the 7th of November once again on

Progress Records



Greetings Friends And Prog Heads

We have had some nice rehearsals
during the last two months
and it´s going really fine.

9 songs is completed
and we will start the recordings

the 29 of July.

What we don´t have is titles
to all the tracks
but here are
5 of them
so far.

The Assemblers
Crime And Punishment

Fog City
Engines of Creation
Men And Monsters

It´s not going to be a
concept album this time
but it will have a red line through it
with the focus on
science,technology,progress and so on.....

All the best from the Galleon Ship


Drummer Dan Fors
announce that he is
taking a break from the music
due to lack of inspiration,
Galleon has now
brought in former Grand Stand member and drummer in the
Spektrum project Göran Johnsson.

Mr Johnsson and G Fors spent a week in
G Fors studio around easter and made some new songs and completed two tracks
that Galleon not could complete before

During that week Galleon also had their first
rehearsal with Johnsson and it worked lika a charm.
the plans now is to get the material together
and start recording it in august.



Hi there all fans of Galleon.

As you may have noticed, there has been some doldrums at our site lately. We are, however in progress of constructing material for a new album, that’s for sure. We have changed domain name for the website as well, now being resided under, so those in favour of having bookmarks, please update them accordingly.

As previously mentioned we all are in the laboratory, blending mixtures for a forthcoming new Galleon album. Temporarily though, we seem to have misplaced some of the chemicals, so the Galleon lab is undergoing sort of a winterclean.

In the process of blending, meanwhile unaware of what ingredients were used, there was some unexpected outcome. This outcome not running through the Galleon filters, can be found in the new section called ‘Side projects’.

As soon as the cleaning is done, all members will instantly resort down to the lab again, to continue creating some wonderous mixtures to fill another Galleon album with.

Please bear with us, (the engines of creation does not not move as smoothly as in younger age).

Greetings from the Galleon Camp

[2004-07-22]                     GALLEON GIGS IN SEPTEMBER          

                                  Wednesday the 15th

                     SPIRIT OF 66

                           VERVIERS (Belgium)


                              Friday the 17th

                           PROGSOL FESTIVAL

                          BELLACH (Switzerland)



                                    FRIDAY OCT 17

                  Gig at the local club

                           BACKSIDE INN

together with the 
                               hard rockin guys 

                            Julie Laughs No More







Click link below for tickets and info




[2003-08-08]        The album is now finished and mixed and will be called.

                      FROM LAND TO OCEAN

                                                      CD 1

                                 Three Colours            11.32
                                 Solitude                        6.10
                                 Fall of Fame                 9.53
                                 The Porch                    5.16
                                 Liopleurodon              5.49
                                 The Land                      5.55
                                 The Price                     14.36

                                                      CD 2

                                 The Ocean                   52.05

         The exact releasedate is not set yet but it will be
         released in the end of September or beginning
         of October.



[2003-02-21] There has been some real progress in the Galleon Camp during the last couple of weeks.

The long track on CD 2 called The Ocean is now finally completed and it clocks in around 50 minutes ,and three songs to CD 1 is also completed, it´s the opening track called Three Colours, an instrumental track called Liopleurodon and a little popier kind of Bobo The Gardener song called The Porch ,so there is still four songs to go but they are almost done. 

The release has been moved forward to May or June.                        

The release of the Spektrum project is coming up and the date is set to the 10th of March.


New project with Göran from galleon & Olov from grand stand.
Göran & Olov has a sideproject that's currently working on it's first release. The project is named SPEKTRUM.

The line-up for SPEKTRUM:
Lizette von Panajotte (Lizette&) - lead vocals
Olov Andersson (Grand Stand) - keyboards, backing vocals
Hansi Cross (Cross) - guitars, backing vocals
Göran Fors (Galleon) - basses, taurus, backing vocals
Göran Johnsson (Grand Stand) - drums, backing vocals

A website about this new project will be up in September.

[2002-05-05]  During 1,5 years Galleon have been working on a double CD album.  Which contains one long epic track on CD 2.

The music for the long track is completed and recorded, and the lyrics is halfway through.
For the first CD , five tracks has been completed, but
only one of them is recorded.
Each CD has it's own theme, but they are close connected to each other . . .